Custom Lego Incredible Hulk Minifigure Minifig Marvel

Rating 4
Custom Incredible Hulk Minifigure Minifig

I certainly loved that it has laser engraved detail on head and torso - color filled. Additional features consist of custom dyes purple pants and custom lego minifigure. The minifigure is 2"H x 21"L x 0.5"W and it has a weight of 0.03 lbs. To get the best price on this item in addition to other products, visit the shopping cart button on this site.


Model: Custom Hulk
UPS: 001111111111
Package Quantity: 1

CUSTOM LEGO MINIFIGURE Incredible HULK Figure is developed from 100% authentic Lego Parts Purple legs are a custom dyed color. With light handling the color will stay intact but excessive play and scratching will start to acquire rid of the color. This isn't a painted color, but a dyed color so all original detail is intact Details on face and body are laser engraved and color filled This color fill will not come off unless you scrape at it getting a sharp object and will withstand heavy handling Listing is for Minifigure only, base plates shown in photo are not included


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